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Destination Wellington; you will find everything—city life, beaches and bush. And we are able to assist — check out our vacancies, holiday accommodation, corporate accommodations, and short-term rentals (furnished units) in Wellington and Napier.

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Klauster Properties Limited  (KPL)


Klauster Properties Ltd (KPL) is welcoming you — wanting to rent, sell, buy a residential property or looking for short-term accommodation. If you are interested in the housing market and want to be a home owner or continue renting, you are welcome to visit our blog post library with information about renting and investing in home ownership. We at KPL challenge your views and pass on valuable experiences for you to avoid mistakes we already made.  Thank you for visiting our home page.



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· All our properties are for sale sooner or later. If interested, ask about schedules and availabilities


· Help with information to avoid pitfalls and how to retire in luxury on the equity built up in your home.


· Lease Option for people who want to secure a permanent home and sufficient time to save the deposit for the bank.





The housing market has changed and is going to change further

That hasn’t changed is good homes for rent or sale will always be in demand in any market. Stumbling blocks are how to find and finance them.  That is why you need to know about the new lending rules and hurdles you may be forced to overcome as home buyer/owner and, more importantly, how do you overcome them.


Our blog posts might challenge your views, which might help you to be prepared for making informed decisions. Our philosophy is good deals and happy tenancies have two satisfied parties. Be one of them.


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